Keeping it Real Layoff

2019 NCAAB Bracket is set

The most action you are gonna get!

The close of Sunday’s games created a stir. The biggest truth about seeding is always revealed on the bubble. It doesn’t matter where you sit in seed if you get knocked out.. you get knocked out.

The big names return as predicted with Virginia, Duke, VCU, Gonzaga and Ohio St making the cut, but the big stories will be the Cinderellas of the 2019 season. A couple of the schools to be honest I had to look up to see what state there were in, but hey this is why the NCAAB has always been my favorite non pro sport. Abilene Christian is one of those names I had to look up, but I dont expect them to make much further after the 64. They face Kentucky in the upcoming game and should they beat them, would be one of those upsets you only read about. Colgate goes against Tennessee and will probably be wiped, but again this is the March Madness time and anything can happen.

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