Keeping it Real Layoff

Golden State are the new Patriots

The NBA has become a predictable event.

There were predictions when KD signed with Golden St. that a new legacy had been created. Golden State was already good without KD and to add someone that plays at the level KD does every night is almost unfair.

That is exactly how the public feels about the Patriots and their constant play off trips, Super Bowl trips and wins. The public is a mob that likes a good underdog in the late teens of the 2000’s. The term bandwagoner and newbie fans has bad stigma. Back in the 80’s and 90’s you could bandwagon a team because they were winning without getting crap, that is not the case today.

What are the general managers to do? How do they fix the stigma on a super team that dumps on everyone they face? Should they feel bad? is this a situation like monopolies in corporations? Does the public matter? Does it really hurt viewership yet?

As the NBA season closes and the finals near, will this be the last year the Golden State Warriors are guaranteed an appearance in the finals? Will next year be any different? I personally would like to see the Lakers get their team together and I would like to see the Knicks get their lives together. (Knicks deserve some love, don’t deny it)

Variety is important in sports.