Keeping it Real Layoff News

It is the holidays!

What a good start to the NBA and an even better start to the college basketball. At least from our side of the game we have enjoyed providing you with the most comprehensive pay per head software to date. Also, we have enjoyed watching our clients make money with us.

The big teams in the college basketball are actually fairly balance resulting in some early losses that keep the field even. Michigan St., Kansas, Kentucky, Gonzaga and Duke all have lost a game already. Arizona is the powerhouse to watch over the next few weeks holding a perfect record and most likely retaining that until later in the season. So, I just want to point out that Dukes loss was not balanced, they lost to Stephen F. Austin in a 28 a point underdog upset. Upsets like this can only happen in the college basketball.

The NBA has really been turned upside down by the trades for 2020. The Clippers (in theory) are a serious power house where the Golden St. Warriors are trash. Surprising or not surprisingly the Lakers are holding the top recording 17-3 in the West. Milwaukee has been lurking the last few years and is now ready to win it all in my opinion, they are closely followed by the returning champ Raptors and Heat.

The NFL is going to be the Niners and Baltimore. If both teams stay relatively healthy I am going to be taking some futures on it. Either way, as a token of appreciation we are offering $50 free play to anyone who reads this. The free play can be used with a positive billing balance within your layoff account. This also means you have to actually be a client of ours to know what I am talking about.

Layoff accounts can also be funded through any various means offered for standard balances. Happy holidays!