Keeping it Real Layoff News

Thank god it is almost time.

The new season of football is almost here. It has been a long, long gap this year between last Superbowl and the start of the pre season. The trailing end of the baseball season has had few major news stories on top of that.

We are excited this year. It has taken some time but our live wagering platform now has more in game offerings than ever before. We have a new digital casino added with a far superior mobile interface and improvements to our player website that weren’t available last year.

What does this all mean for the vet agent? What does this mean for the new agent? It means that you are getting more value with our company than ever before. One of our major improvements this year also includes our APS tool and increased acceptance of different types of cryptos and credit cards. Meaning, you can process your players credit cards online through player websites. Bitcoin has finally turned the corner on mainstream acceptance and with the release of Libra the public will soon have access to easier more frequent conversion.

2019 and the football season are looking fairly balanced this year. Many of the weaker teams over the last few years have had time to rebuild and can now contend with the usual dominant franchises. It should be more balanced… should.

Also, for those who have not tried live wagering we will have promos that offer even more value. Call CS for more info.