Keeping it Real Layoff News

The Raptors actually won

It has been a building event over the last few years where the Raptors may have a shot at the title. If you recall back to 2012 or so the Raptors were one of the worst teams in the league. It was a needed win not just for the Raptors franchise, but the NBA as a whole.

The Golden State Warriors have been a super team since Curry decided he could drill 3 point shots from your house in the dark, blind folded. They then added KD with an already deep bench. The sports arena is different these days, the people want variety and constant action. The NBA and its rising popularity could not afford to have routine like they did during the Bulls or Lakers legacy.

The question for the future now is what will a recovered KD do and how will the rest of the NBA respond? My hope now is the Lakers, Milwaukee and Houston continue to improve. The Lakers with Lebron and Davis now pose a major threat.

This part of the year is a very slow time, with baseball about halfway there and no high stakes games in site.