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Virus and major events suspensions

With the overly dramatic response to the recent “new” flu. The March Madness 2020 has been cancelled. The U.S. public has decided it would rather sit at home and do nothing rather than risk getting a fever. Make sure you got your digital casino and live dealer running. Your players will be stuck at home with nothing to do except gambling on Golf, Tennis and Casino.

The recent developments with the COVID-19 virus or otherwise known as #Coronavirus has caused several severe and damming choices to be made by corp officers accross every major sporting board to cancel events. This includes the MLB, NBA and all College Campuses. Major events in the government have been cancelled. No groups larger than 250 people allowed throughout the entire U.S. and travel bans from Europe, Asia with some exceptions only to the UK.

The good news is that the internet attention and forgetting power of morons is fast. This will pass and so shall the hysteria. The problem is, these choices made by corp to suspend or cancel these major events will have life long impacts for several of the upcoming stars in any of these sports. The MLB and NBA not so much, but the implications for the younger athletes trying to make a name will be hard to overcome in the drafts.

As a long time sports enthusiast and industry person, I have never seen such irrational behavior from a generation of people ever. Hold tight people, it will pass and things will go back to normal.

We will be monitoring the reopening of these leagues and lines closely and also will be providing every line possible in the meantime to keep your players engaged.