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What does 2020 and Pay Per Head look like?

Now that football is back and regular season starts in a few weeks, what does being a bookie in 2020 mean?

If you are just starting or looking at growing your pay per head this is the time to do it. With the recent law changes many people are experiencing an opening of possible closet gamblers. These player emerging will realize is that it is far more convenient to wager from their mobile phone, rather than have to post money or wager publicly. So, for you the new guy or growing guy, it means you will have people who are worthy of some local credit floating around.

With our new online payment system for agents and players you can actually manage a credit or post up based book without ever having to meet in person or take a phone call directly. Player referrals can deposit online via bitcoin or CC without ever having to see them personally. Just because the big Uncle Sam isn’t chasing nationally doesn’t mean your state jurisdiction is open for gaming. the satellite approach is the safest way to grow in years.

We are the only company that truly wants to help you become a booming business and we are the only company that offers the APS and layoff at an affordable PPH rate. On top of the unique features we offer the deepest set of offerings available from a pay per head shop. 80+ leagues and live wagering on almost every college and major sporting event.

For more information on getting the most out of your business contact CS and ask.