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More Info! Trulive Wagering

Live wagering is a great way to increase the action and volume on a small board of games. Even the games that usually are played like a Monday night football game.  The live wagering can give the option for several bets on just one game. Instead of just a side and a total or even a first half or second half. Now your players have the opportunity at a higher juice to continually play throughout the game. On normal circumstances the juice on a wager will give you the edge in the long run, but in the live wagering arena the juice doubles on almost every single favorite.

The exposure you experience on the live may seem extensive, but if you take the chance the payoffs can be much higher and faster than just regular wagering. Setting the limits to a comfortable level and with the limiting options available make this a must have option for any book maker who takes this seriously and as a business.

  • Ability to restrict offerings
  • Custom Max Bet and Max win per Market
  • No Rebet Option
No Rebet applies by Market Offering: If a line changes while the rebet option is checked, the system will count previous wagers towards the player’s betting limit.  Player has 500 limit. Player took Tennesee -2 +110 line for 100 -> line changes to Tennesee -3 +110 -> Player has only $400 to bet on that offering.

If No Rebet option is NOT checked: players wager limit resets with every line change. Player has 500 limit. Player took Tennesee -2 +110 line for 100 -> line changes to Tennesee -3 +110  -> Player has another $500 to bet on that offering.