Keeping it Real Referrals

Referrals, gaming and 2019

It is a very interesting time for our industry.

First lets cover the referral deal. Bring us new business and get 15% of deposits for a full 12 months. If you have buddies doing what you’re doing and they aren’t happy at their shop, need an upgrade or you want to make some extra money, send them to us. Just call CS and say, “I am referring “xxxx,” give him the CS number you use currently and tell him to call. That is it, we will handle the rest and you will be set to have money deposited directly into your account every month.

Alright, next the recent law changes made by U.S. government have attracted several major companies that were in the dark to re-brand and come into the light. States that had a strong gaming presence are doing their best to hold these companies out, but other states have taken a liking to the idea of hands free tax revenue from these companies opening up shop in local areas. 

It has also attracted several of the major companies that were established in Vegas to asses the level of revenue they could achieve by pursuing licenses in other states that may agree to open sports wagering. The key to this all rests within the amount of tax and licensing each state requires to run a legit book. 

From the agent standpoint the only people you have to worry about are the small time bettors with their heart plays, whom bet only sports and teams they know and like. Any real player will never be attracted to gaming locally because of the tax. That being said, the value of an online pay per head player website that reduces exposure for the dark operations is a must. It is also a must that you have the software, casino and live that the big boys offer. 

Our company has put together the most complete pay per head operation to date. Our goal has shifted from trying to compete with other pay per heads to trying to create a true custom book that you the agent can brand and run with stability, efficiency and as little effort as possible.

Let us live up to your name.