Allagentreports mini tutorial

Allagentreports mini tutorial.

Learning all the features we have available can seem to be a difficult task, yet with a few minutes you can guide yourself through our useful features.

More importantly, using the features will help you retain the money you make.

Premium members have new feature, “hold percentage” number which will give you a quick look at actual profit on a regular basis.

Also, for premium members you can adjust the Allagentreports home page to show which numbers and reports you would like to see on first login.

That being said, our professional package agent back end is just as useful when calculating your profits for the week.

We have made our line mover available which is under the “premium” tab for everyone. A word of caution when adjusting your own lines. PLEASE double check your entry a wrong line will cost YOU money.

The Live wagering administrator under, “premium” will also give you the option to adjust limits and options which I cover more thoroughly in another tutorial.

Under Reporting, you will find almost anything you need in order to see accurate position up to 3 months back.

  • “Position”
  • “Weekly balance by agent”
  • “Weekly balance by player”
  • “Wagers”

Of course we also have a regular account billing section that will show the fees having an account with us generates.

And as always if you have any other needs going forward you can always contact us directly.