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Bitcoin ATM and using these

If you are lucky enough to be within range of a bitcoin ATM that is deposit friendly, we recommend using this method for payment as it is the fastest method with the least hassle.

NO complicated BITCOIN wallets.

It is not to say that regulations will eventually begin causing the same issues that MG and WU already have, but for now if you are willing to pay the transaction fees it will save you hours of headache.

Generate a QR code on our website and send your cash directly through the bitcoin ATM available.

You can tell if the ATM is cash friendly by the deposit slot or insert tray available. The ATM is simply a, “buy and sell” point for the digital currency and all you need to do is follow the instructions on the machine. Once you scan the destination from your smart phone the cash will be delivered almost instantly.

The best part about this is no use of a name just an electronically saved receipt. NO NAMES.

You can check locations by searching the web for Bitcoin ATM locations.