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Being the best in 2020

In the very near future the gaming industry in the U.S. will be changing greatly. The first major change was the mobile improvements which started a few years ago. Now with the law changes passing through some of state legislatures we are approaching a very different dynamic in gaming. At the agent level your business possibly has grown over the last year since the federal level legalization. However, the offshore post up world isnt feeling the joys that the pay per head realm are.

This poses an opportunity for the local agent to pick up players that are fed up with deposit hassels, slow payouts, crazy roll overs and payout limits. The only thing that has been holding agents back from competing with the large offshore guys is digital casino, live wagering and live dealer options. In 2020 we will be the only pay per head solution that gives you the option to offer all of those features at different levels to fit your business model.

What does this mean? with the implementation of two different live wagering platforms means you can give your VIP players the ultimate experience with live video, more markets and the game tracker feature with Trulive wagering or with the standard give them the same trulive line without all the bells an whistles for a little less.

The biggest change that is also now available as mentioned in several other posts is the ability to take deposits from your brand website. In the case that you want to grow your territory and really make this a bigger business. We are the first pay per head company to offer an agent payment solution. You can process major credit cards, MG and take bitcoin deposits from players without ever having to meet in person.

With everything that was mentioned above our company gives you the most complete set of options in the industry. 2020 is shaping up to be the biggest year for agents yet. As always if you have any questions please call, chat or message CS and we will get the info.