Keeping it Real

2019 NFL playoffs

It is officially that time of the year where you either start watching NBA every night or have a team to root for in the NFL play offs. I was fortunate this year and the Chargers are going, but they face a tough Baltimore in the first round. The usual suspects are in first round bye… Rams, New England..etc. The interesting part of this year has been the drastic decay of the Raiders and the collapse of Detroit. Both teams had potential to be at least competitive, but poor management has led them into a pit.

The important thing for our side of the game is the matches aren’t extremely lop sides for most of the first round. The teams that made it this year should actually be there. When taking action it is important to know the depth of a particular team even if you don’t follow them.

We as a company have made several advancements to our offerings in live wagering this year. We have the most comprehensive set of games and lines available for the NFL and college FB out of any pay per head. It also includes more coverage with true live in NBA and CBB. What I am getting at is that your players only lose money when they play and on our side we need to offer every single thing possible. If cockroach fights became the new trend we would find a viable line source for you. That is the second part of being a shop you trust, we must always have viable sources to check lines, markets and offerings against and if it doesn’t make sense you wont get any surprises.

The 2019 year will hold further depth when it comes to agent control. The current direction is to create a platform that needs almost no phone contact unless you prefer. It keeps you safe while the laws sort themselves out. Regardless bitcoin and credit cards are the only reason this is possible. Our encrypted online message service also gives you a route to get quick direct access in the case you have concerns.

We thank you for your business and we wish you a winning finish to the high season. As always we are available 24/7 to help you grow and become the brand you wish to be.