July 29th, 2016 One of the major events that a lot of novice books may not be ready for or have any idea on how to protect themselves is the Olympics and Olympic sporting events. The biggest issue here is lack of knowledge a bookie may have. Our lines, line makers, and betting system will be fully enabled on these events. In the 2012 London Olympics an estimated 80 Million Euro was wagered on the events and also this will be the first time that live lines may be available for the larger Olympic events as they happen. This opens the capability for much higher volume in a very slow part of the year for most books. The events start August 5th and end the 21st of August 2016.

The Olympic Games and online gambling: Wanna bet?

July 27th, 2016 So, In the case you live in Florida and you try to cash bitcoin it’s not going to happen. A Florida judge just ruled in favor a client charged with money laundering. He stated that, “Bitcoin may have some attributes in common with what we commonly refer to as money, but differ in many important aspects.” So what does this mean for you? What this means is that in the case you try to change your bitcoin in Florida at a bank, you may not be able too. It will be like you going in and trying to exchange peanuts for dollars to them. The real issue that will extend from this even though the guy got off, the impact will be felt throughout the US. The government does not have to accept this currency as “real” is a huge blow to forward progress of the digital currency. Hopefully it does not spread.

In other news, A New Kensington club was busted for an illegal casino operating in the basement. Spartaco Sporting Club was raided on Tuesday where they seized cash, the liquor license and all the fun. The cops walked away with a whopping 548 in cash.

Westmoreland County map


July 18th, 2016 The largest Interpol involved crack down in recent history is under way with a total of 4100 people being held and 12 million euro seized so far. The gambling crackdown is to make sure that during Euro soccer cups that the regulations that have been put in countries throughout Europe and Asia are followed. Operation ACES as it is called has affected France, Greece, Italy, Maylaysia, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Interpol success in this case is directly related to the sharing of information between nations regarding gambling, corruption and laundering. The snitch market is in full swing now with so many individuals being charged across so many nations. As far as the online gaming industry goes the more heat Asia and Europe brings the harder international money transfers will become. It also is exposing the level of money that has been moved in the last few decades that some governments have been unaware of. great. Looking forward, This will probably have the same effect that prohibition had on the US mob and government back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Just as Interpol has become better organized so will the crime families and syndicates.

JULY 9th, 2016 UFC 200 lines are up so make sure if you offer fights to your players to have the right limts set. The mens main event being a disappointing Brock Lesnar (+150) and Mark Hunt (-170) and in the Womens Category Misha Tate (-250) and Amanda Nunes (+210).

In other news, A woman who stole 1.7 million euros was sentenced to 4 years in prison after using the money to feed her gambling addiction. Tracey Stevenson a 52 year old woman working as an account manager was convicted of 5 counts of theft. Untitled design (1)

JULY 6th, 2016 Counter Strike gambling has finally been exposed for the size it has become. In 2015 the site Owned by Trevor Martin and Tom Cassell took 2.3 billion dollars in CS related bets. These sites are designed to have the direct effect of slot machines online without age regulation or sanction. The designers of the website have found the loophole that the products being “gambled” are not worth money therefor should not be considered gambling. However, when you look at the cash in or cash out sections of the site the “skins” or “products” can be converted directly to money. The two owners are known youtubers who have created a multi million person fan base. They use the media outlet to promote the site and until recently they portrayed using to win money quick and have put up several video promoting the sites lucrative uses without disclosing ownership. If only in our industry the FDC and FEDS would turn a blind eye like this. It would make our lives much easier.

JULY 3rd, 2016 Brooklyn DA strikes again. It appears to be one of the largest US busts to date regarding 4 men arrested. It is said they handled up to a billion dollars in wagers online using a service to provide websites located in CR. The 4 men are facing up to 25 years in prison each for laundering, extortion and promotion of gambling. The direct issue is the evidence of up to 20 homes that were used as clearing houses. More information will be exposed as to how much information the government has against the men, but it appears to be plenty. Keep your ship tight people.

JUNE 29th, 2016 The story posted recently on JUNE 11th about Steven DiSarro, a mob related murder has new developments including a formal arrest. Robert Deluca has been arrested due to the new evidence after discovering Steven DiSarro’s body behind a mill. Deluca was thought to have help the Salemme family dispose of DiSarro’s body and prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to win.

JUNE 28th, 2016 The same company that just lost 115 million in restitution to Hulk Hogan is back in the media after putting out an article that defaces a well known tout service The sub company “Deadspin” posted an article stating that RJ Bell the owner of was taking kickbacks from offshore sports books on player losses and also that his sports advice will most likely produce nothing. The tout service industry is a grey area of the sports world where most have no real idea who or what you know . It is based on fast talking sales that promise great success for a small cost. RJ Bell is only requesting the company write a formal apology regarding the statements as restitution, a much smaller lawsuit than the previous 115 million.

JUNE 22, 2016 “Gaming, the hidden addiction” It’s not a new idea that people can’t stop playing the one arm bandits or throwing the dice. It’s not a new idea that Vegas has this figured out. The new idea is people walking, sitting on flights, trains and cars with their smart phones playing mobile casino until the account is dry. Make sure that you have the best software available to keep your players playing. With our live wagering, mobile casino and Mobile race book your players will always be able to feed the need. The data emerging is a staggering 40 to 50 percent of players have never logged into the main website to place a wager or play casino. Your players may be the old variety and like to call in, but much of those times are pressing forward toward nothing but mobile use. We just released our new version of Mobile Horses this week. Enjoy.

JUNE 18, 2016 A 67 year old named John Pushak who was a former Police Commissioner has been charged and found guilty for gambling $10,000 of FDA money. The man had apparently withdrawn the money and went to the casino.

JUNE 15, 2016 WU is blocking several transactions to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The recent busts in NY and RI have causes a direct relation to difficulty in processing not to mention the 5Dimes case and the Decay of WagerWeb. The shining light in this is Bitcoin processing is becoming the new transaction. Bitcoin ATM’s are already on the ground in Texas where you can physically change Cash to Bitcoin via ATM machine and send wherever you like anonymously. This is done without having to deal with Bitcoin wallets and block chain controllers. The future of WU and MG transfers will be based like this. Until the US government implements stricter sanctions on Bitcoin the processing charges are well worth the anonymity.

JUNE 13, 2016 Offering US Vegas style slots is big business. In fact the business of having mobile slots has become a major multi billion dollar industry. As an agent with us you can use our software to get your players playing anywhere anytime. Make sure to check out the available software that we offer. Speak to one of our reps about how you can maximize your profits.

In other news, a man in debt decided to take revenge on the police in the Shanghai Airport where he injured himself and 4 others in a bombing. After he had placed the bomb the lunatic decided to try and cut his own throat. The man had large gambling debts racked up online and was living on loans from friends that were past due. He had posted his plans online before this attack stating it would harm other people. No one died and he still owes money. Not to sharp.

JUNE 11, 2016 MGM and WYNN casinos are looking for a cheaper and cleaner energy solution and Warren Buffets company NV energy is their current power provider. The two are the largest power users in Vegas and will be a major loss to Buffet and his company. What this means for Gamblers? Only that Casinos care about keeping the planet green and their pockets the same color. Buffet is a smart man and will have to be paid millions in fees if the casinos decide to exit contract early.

In other news, an old case came to light. Steven DiSarro a former New England mob affiliate was discovered burried behind a Providence, RI mill. He has been missing since 1993. A competitor in the area Salemme and his son were thought be responsible for his murder, because they had a “vested” interest in  a night club that DiSarro had owned.  The DNA confirms the body found is that of Steven DiSarro and it is said that Salemme and his son were both present at the murder. More will come to light with new evidence being exposed.

JUNE 8, 2016 A man out in Wisconsin apparently didn’t want to pay his debt to a bookie. He proceeded to stab the man to death and set his bar on fire. One of the main reasons why we suggest you know your clients. Sheesh.

Also, in other news Steve Wynn (a developer in vegas) openly criticized millennials on there habits of using social media and night clubs vs. the use of casinos and risk taking ventures. In other words the kids today do not want to risk playing their parents money. On the other hand they are the new driving force in mobile casino use where as mentioned before in another article mobile casino use between the age of 18-24 has increased 7-8%.

JUNE 6, 2016 The Live Dealer Casino has gone full HD and on the Horizon is full VR. For all the people out there this means an avatar that probably won’t resemble your true physical fitness and locations you probably won’t visit, but the VR market is going to change online casino gambling forever. The production of full 3D live casinos will be a game changer where a person can sit for hours, just like in a real casino and gambling with the full surrounding atmosphere of a casino instead on just the monitor in front. Several companies are putting out pilot software that will be fully operational within the next few years. The importing of real live dealer girls into the card tables where people can interact, tip and flirt right from there home. With the advance of internet speeds all of this will be a smooth profitable system. vr gaming

JUNE 5, 2016 Billy Walters is in real trouble from a previous insider trading conspiracy that has landed him with a 25 million dollar bond to keep him behind bars before his trial. To put something like this in perspective, the average murder suspect is given a 500k bail. The US gov really wants to hold this guy in the country. The man was known for his gambling, sometimes placing up to 250k on a specific total. In the industry he could shift totals downward up to 2 points when he would place his wagers offshore. His winning percentage was only 56% over the years, but minus the juice that still puts him up 3-500k a year for several years. The books would still only take his action to lay it off somewhere else. He is facing up to ten years in prison for his insider trading charges. More will come to light as the trial goes on. It is stated that he may have received up to 47 million in benefits from his trade ventures.


JUNE 1, 2016 Two Horse faced gun wielding men robbed a poker game in in Colorado. The two suspects were wearing rubber full sized horse masks and dark clothes. Multiple parties lost their cash as the men entered the room and demanded the money. One of the men only had a wooden paddle as a weapon, causing people to believe it was an inside job. How else would you know the other men at the table were unarmed and a paddle would suffice? The two suspects are still at large.

In other news, Counter Strike a popular online first person shooter has a serious problem linked to gambling. The age market and zero tax is the first problem. The players obtain skins (or weapons) which are equal to poker chips in the game. These Skins can hold value from $5 to 2k and can be cashed in directly to accounts linked to the game. The problem goes further, the skins have hundreds of cashing websites that can be used to play real casino games such as slots, poker and blackjack. It is essentially turned into its own currency having these “skins” similar to bitcoin. The value is strictly based on the games popularity and the value is in the eye of the beholder. For reference imagine how much value collectors put on rocks, comic books, comic cards and stamps. Now, translate to the new age in games and you have kids gambling with real money instead of trading cards like the old days.