Keeping it Real

Circle limits and World Cup lines.

Use the new circle limits tool to help you be a pro and stay protected. 

The MLB is starting to show its trends and the favorites are starting to hold their own on the ML wagers. On top of that the world cup has more attention than ever before from gamblers. This time of the year it is always important to check your settings for ML dogs, ML favorites and parlay. We have line types that are available for limiting -200, -300, -400 and up. We also have our full circle limits tool built and this tool allows you to control everything.

The new circle limits tool is extremely powerful and in depth. If you want to create the appearance of a major sports book with the way your lines open and close the circle limits tool is for you. Being a major per head company we have our lines up as far in advance as possible, however many agents do not want to be exposed for Saturdays games on the Tuesday before. Setting the circle limits correctly will give them a small limit before the day of the game or as desired. You control the Money lines, spreads, league and sport.

Other service have a money line limiting tool, but with us you can control it all.

If you have any questions on how to use the tool please contact CS and they will walk you through the process.

Make more with control!