Keeping it Real

Sending and Keeping ahead of the balance

Two things that as your business grows you will become more aware of.

Transactions and Weekly billings. The longer you are with our company the more transactions you will encounter. When I speak to guys who run into this situation there are usually two types. The type that knows exactly what they are doing and are hoping that an extension will be granted on payments and the other guy who keeps his account overly full.

The difference between the two is how serious they take their business and how valuable they know the sites are for revenue. Our company has been in this business in one way or another for almost 30 years. The agent who hopes for an extension is nothing new. You will hear “Western Union is closed” or “I tried to process this” or “I was late off work”. These reasons usually come the day after they get shut off and being flexible on our end has take a 30 year firming effect. If you call in before your cutoff date you are more likely to get an extension for long enough to complete your transaction.

Okay, so getting passed the weathered voice of industry.

Keep a secondary person you trust around you to help in sending maybe two or three really. WU and MG both love to reject transactions at random and not so random. If you go to WU or MG 4 times a month even if the guy likes you at the counter his system will cut your name off. I myself used to hit WU up to 10-15 times a month for pick-ups and even just for picking up I was blacklisted. I never complained or made a scene, but it happens. So again just keep a guy or girl that you trust around you to help in maintain movement.

The best method of payment is take the time to register a Bitcoin account and take the 6.5 hit. Or, with just a regular debit card that you have taken the time to enable for international purchases. Everyone in our industry is like nope, not using anything traceable, yet a lot of guys have no problem meeting a guy in broad daylight to pick up or speaking on the phone about discrepancies with their players.

I know it may sounds crazy to prepay on a service like this and most people don’t seem to want to “risk” having that much money out there, but the risk in missing out on a weekend of action with your players is much greater than keeping out a few hundred or even a few thousand to keep the account full. For the new agents, the small agents, every wager may count toward the success of your business and that is something to keep in mind. Our goal as a service is to reduce your exposure, it is the main core goal. The only way we can continue to help with that is if you have a healthy understanding of what realm you are living in now. The money may come quick and easy, but the risk itself is far from easy and far from quick.

The saying one bad apple ruins the bunch applies directly here. Don’t be that guy. Back in the day, imagine sitting across the table from someone who is a partner in this business and explaining how you missed payment. Or, for an even better example, how are you treated when you miss payment on your electric, home, phone or don’t put gas in your car? When I miss payments with other companies even if I call in advance they treat me like I just stole their kids candy. It’s awful.

We strive to correct this with our service.