Keeping it Real

Understanding exposure

In the new digital age many old school bookies are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain cash.

Our industry has always been built on cash and cash has always rained king. However, as the new generations become a larger piece of players and agents. Bitcoin and smaller forks have gained more traction as a means of transfer, funding and payment.

Here at your provider we offer the quickest way to process large and small payments with ease. After the initial process of linking a bitcoin wallet to your cash funds, the transfer becomes anonymous. No names, lines, bank tellers, post office clerks or cameras in any of those locations.

In this business, discretion has kept many people in the game for decades. Greed and flamboyance on the other hand ends a run quick. Bitcoin has changed the exposure. It can be pricey for conversion, but in my eyes the extra 10 points on money is better than ten years in prison.

Treat your business as just that, a business.

Check out our payment methods and ask our CS about how to get started.