Keeping it Real

Why booking rich guys can be the best or worst idea for your business?

7The following is a true story. Based on real situations I sat through and dealt with.

I once had a guy who was independently wealthy and he would play money lines on -14 to -17 point spreads in football.

Even if the lines were -7000, it really didn’t matter what the juice was he would lay enough wood to make money on the play.

The odds of an outright loss were small enough to where it seemed like he would always come out ahead. I mean, if you do that math it is like 97% likely a favorite like that wins. In the beginning of booking this guy I thought I would never be able to hold this up. This guy is going to take me for everything I have worked for, risked for and sweated through in one season. I had an old bookie friend tell me to wait it out. If I needed to layoff some of the action with him I could just to help with the fear every Saturday and Sunday.

I took his advice and it took 3 horrifying weeks, but on that Sunday, the 4th Sunday of regular NFL season this guy was laying 35k -2000 to win $1750 on one game and 40k -2500 to win 1600 on another.

Again, I sat there knowing I was going to be paying this guy come Monday another $3350 out of my pocket.

I braced myself by laying off on the game on a strait -17 a couple grand just to help the pain and low and behold the guy lost both wagers two dogs barked that very Sunday.

Out of all the hours I sat and watch this guy beat me he was now into me for 75k. If you do that math on it the 3 previous week of me paying 3k here and 4500 there seemed like peanuts in the fact I was about to receive 6 times the money I had paid him over the last 3 weeks. This isn’t always the case, but using outside knowledge and keeping the guys action made me a lot more money than just cutting my losses early.