Keeping it Real Layoff

Don’t forget your limits

If you are knew to our Pay Per Head site or new to the industry the biggest mistake that new books make is to much exposure. New books can leave to much money open for their players on certain types of wagers or leagues. This sets you up for failure even before you get rolling.

With that in mind, realize that the best long term gamblers in the world hit 54% and that normally 70% of the public wagers lose. If you are taking action on a budget always try to keep credit and limits within your actual means. With the influx of new books and agents it is important to maintain the integrity of our business. Always pay your players and keep your reputation fit. That being said a players mouth can be bigger than their stomach as they request higher limits for their home games, fav teams, or just more credit after it already spent.

Taking lay downs or part payments will be a reality several weeks and if you are relying on player payments to pay other winning players you may find yourself short.

Set your limits to an efficient amount and it also pays to know your players actual means. Also, set them knowing your actual means and I mean try to be humble in this, not everyone is made of money. Knowing the income of someone might sound intrusive in today’s world, but even a ballpark figure can help you gauge the credit to allow a player to have. 20% of total income is suitable for most new players and higher percentages can be allowed the longer the relationship runs.

It also goes further than just weekly credit, max wager limits on markets and wager types will hold a greedy player to a realistic point and also protect you in the case they are sharp in that market. Statistically speaking during the NFL volume increases up to 80% if your player base wager on sports only. Taking that into account, it may be tempting to open the max wager limits in NFL to higher amounts, but remember college football also generates much of the high season volume. Keep the college limits tighter or lower if you aren’t sure about how sharp a guy is.

Let’s talk about layoff, there is always an outlier, A guy/girl who has way more money and can wager way more than the average player. The only way to take a guy/girl like this on when your small is having a place to fence or layoff. We are the only company that actually allows you to have a layoff account from the start. Any funds you send to us can be used to cover extra exposure and it is important to have those extra funds aside for big games.

Now that we have a normal spectrum for sports set, casino limits, live wagering limits and live dealer limits should all be covered for everyone. A major mistake that even old industry guys make is keeping up with new trends in player wagering. 70% of all traffic is on mobile devices and 30-40% of players are looking for in game or live wagering during events. Never forget the main goal in all booking is action, you need action in order to have a shot at making money. That means you need to offer everything for your players in order to compete with post ups or other local guys who have the balls or bank roll.

My point in writing this article is to explain that our software has everything and the power to control for a very low cost pay per head. The biggest change just recently came from this company and that is the addition of a cashier to pay per head player sites called the APS. I can actually take deposits and take on new players as a post up without ever having to meet them. I can actually take on referrals from my sketch players without ever meeting the new guy. I just hand my current player the new ID to give to his buddy and let him deposit from there. This is why it is important to always pay your players because the will carry straight to the new guy. I prefer they send Bitcoin or XRP, and if they can’t figure that part out I may not want to deal with them anyway.

Happy 2019 football gents.