Keeping it Real Layoff News

How and Why use the layoff account?

When looking at the booking game from the outside, the layoff account is exactly how you make moves that you normally wouldn’t have the finance to do. It can be viewed as a bankroll management tool that can save you from a shop closing Monday night football game or a Saturday night major CFB game that more than half your players are maxing on.


In the case you have experienced this as a book maker you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s the New England Patriots vs Falcons and the total is 48.5.

Your entire sheet is betting the over because it’s in the Falcons Dome and no injuries to report.

Your exposure is well over your normal limit. How do you protect yourself from this? It’s an almost gimme type game that could wipe your profits for the year out in one shot.

The answer is simple you need to layoff some action.

You need to do it now. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to handle your sheet. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to balls to take the hit. It just means that you are smart enough to know your limits as a book. The best book makers from the old days used to slam action on Casinos when this would happen. They would take bets from the rich and famous for more than their net worth in cases. All you need is the cash in an account ready for this event to put on a layoff bet.

I have suggested that if your max exposure is 10k (this is found by adding your players max wager across the board and adding 30% of that total on that) that you have at least half or 5k stashed in a layoff account. At the end in the off chance that the play loses and your laid off action therefore loses, you the agent collects from the players to still put you ahead. In the case that the storm happens the laid off action wins and you collect half or more to help soften the payment from your bank roll.

One major thing happens when you take action and pay on that action promptly and accurately, your players believe in you. You make that transition between a buddy to a guy they view as a reliable income source. That thought, that exact thought, is what keeps a guy playing.

Knowing he will get paid when he does win.

Not only that, your player isn’t scared to ask for a limit increase in the case he’s got another “gimme” style game. Giving you the shot to really grow as a business and really put some money in your pocket.

The most important thing out of all the perks to this is being able to put down the stress of watching a game knowing it could very well break the bank.

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