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Know your player.

As you grow and pick up new players this season, keep in mind some of them maybe sharper than they look.

The average player does not win, in fact 73% lose on a constant basis; however, you will encounter a guy who grinds it out late on second half and small college teams in football, NBA and CBB. Our software gives you the ability to adjust everything. Down to the amount of dogs in parlays and the money lines above 1000, 500 and 300.

The biggest headache can be the guy who plays 3 team favorite money-line games instead of using the spread. These guys are the blind player who usually reads nothing more than hot teams and trends.

Protect your bank roll by using our sharp check service, get informed when the wager comes in with our new notifications system, keep a roll offshore for layoff to cut the exposure on heavy action.

This is your business, and to be honest very few companies hold the knowledge on the actual problems you the agent on the ground deal with. A few ways to increase your volume:

  1. Allow live wagering at lower levels with the re-bet open. 
  2. Open the live casino with a 1 or 2k loss limit.
  3. allow parlays with max payouts you are comfortable with. 
  4. Get involved and be aware of upcoming major events in your area. Local teams, Local bowls and tournaments. 

Book volume is the key to making money over the long run. The more action you allow, the better the chances for the juice to return a profit.

Keeping it real.