Keeping it Real Layoff News

So hows your bracket going…?

This year with a couple of upsets and by upsets I mean impossibles, most brackets were done.

UMBC, Buffalo, Loyola Chicago, and Syracuse all creating upset situations. Loyola Chicago continued to show promise as a Cinderella story winning a second bracket after the Miami win. The eleven seed Loyola Chicago faced Tennessee and some stiff competition, but still managed to eek out a 63-62 victory.

Eleven seed Syracuse held on to beat mighty Michigan state in a 55-53 win. The Orange has their work cut out for them in the next round against Duke, but with a hopeful defense they may be able to continue the win streak.

Another big surprise was Rhode Island, having made it to the second round to face Duke. They were squashed by Duke but for a small program, they made it a long way this year.

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