Keeping it Real Layoff News

Super bowl LIII

So here we are again. Tom Brady has figured out a way to shun the nay sayer’s and end up in another super bowl. The LA Rams shut down everyone in big fashion until the Saints gave them a run for the money in a game decided by a field goal, yet still prevailed.

This year the patriots made it to the super bowl again, but are no where near as explosive as previous years. Tom Brady is still accurate as ever and his stats prove that, but the issue is the their short passing game has had to expand from the usual Gronk, Brady clutch. The Patriots have an interesting weapon in James White. White is a dual back whom plays running back, but is comfortable doing any TE work. I have seen several games where he has been used to achieve first downs against tough defenses and I am sure this game will be no different.

The match actually should be entertaining, but the question remains on who has the better depth. The Rams defense has proven its worth in several games prior to this match. They will need to keep the run game down and make sure to establish a dominance in the short passing coverage. The Rams offense with Goff at the wheel should be able to put up points against the patriots, but they should be very careful on controlling the ball. The patriots defense put up 6 touchdowns in the regular season. Gurley according to sources is at 100% but other skeptics have said he is nursing an injury. In order to win the biggest issue will be staying on the field to wear out the Pats D.

Regardless of who you like, this is the final NFL game of the year. It is the Super Bowl and as an agent you know the action comes in thick. Be sure to have your layoff account ready, and your limits set tight. Also remember that we have our 10% cashback on net layoff losses still running until Sunday Feb 3rd. If you have to layoff, you will get your value for the big game.