Keeping it Real Live Casino

Why Use the Live Casino?

The advantages to the Live Casino from the book maker side are the fact that it’s not a number generated casino and it’s recorded. What does that mean for you as the agent? It means that when a player loses his entire bank roll in a night playing blackjack he will not be able to cry to you about it being “fixed”. This makes your job of collecting much easier.

The entertainment value for this service is what make it appealing to players. The players can sit at the table for hours and chat with the girls while they win or lose. If you have been a bookie for a while you know how a casino player works and the amount they can lose on a “bad” night. The other thing is the roulette wheel. I would never in a million years trust a numbers generated roulette wheel for anything. I would need to see that gravity has taken effect and that is what our casino offers in HD. It is something that can’t be replicated from digital formats. The players also have the option for sound. In the live Casino they have microphones which will give a firsthand experience to anyone using the platform.

The Live Casino is a perfect way to keep your players playing in between the football. The casino is year round and 24 hours a day. This feature combined with the Live Wagering make sure that you are able to scratch any itch that a player may have if they are bored, in between breaks or its their main event for the night. More importantly when it comes to card games the design is where the player always has to beat the house. Traditional casinos depend on the hold to keep them in business. The house is playing against several hands and player techniques at once. In the Live Dealer you are only responsible for your players single hand that game and the provider only takes a small piece of losses to keep the system running. Adding this to your business will give you the edge that may keep your player on YOUR website, instead of venturing to another site or casino to blow his money.

In my experience over the years I have even seen people play so much they develop a relationship with the girls involved and play just to keep contact with them. Sad as it may be, it makes you the agent money.