It is a very balanced year for the NBA except the Nets, they are not balanced at all. They rival the Golden St. Warriors a few years back. This is good news for the books. It means that big blowout games shouldn’t be the norm.

For us, it actually means that we have some real potential to rake it in this year. The public bettor will have more options this year for a game that feels like a fair line, and possible cover. Whenever stats and lines are close the juice coin flip comes into play for books. That is one of the major reasons why super teams in any league are hindrance to actual popularity of a sport, at least on the book side. The NFL has the patriots, CBB had Kansas or Ohio State, CFB has Alabama. Either way, my point here is that I am glad to see the opportunity for smaller franchises to get in there.

The only thing I would recommend watching are the teasers you offer and max teams you offer in parlays. One of the most common save me bets I see players make is a ditch effort on a teaser after the early week games lose. The payouts aren’t big, but it always seems to bail them out of a settle figure.

We are running promos that you can take advantage on for live wagering and live dealer if you haven’t already use the platforms. This year we are going to offer almost every single event in the NBA with live wagering and most likely the majority of CBB. Make sure you check the limits you have set and that you are ready for the full load of action coming.