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The Trump represented TAJ MAHAL closes.

Atlantic City continues to experience a large drop in profits due to online gaming, and one of its longest standing casinos is going to close its doors. The Taj Mahal was shut down this week.

The shift is no surprise considering the ease of use, improvement and expansion in online gaming. Not only is the close due to lack of profit, it is also due to employee strikes. The strikes were centered on the cut of medical insurance, which was a last ditch effort to improve the casinos numbers.

3,000 employees took part in the strike, and now they face the job market instead of lack of benefits.

The investors including Trump do not see a profitable way to turn it around.

As it is sad to see icons fall such as this from the hay day of casino gaming. This is a tribute to the quality and availability of our service.

Here art your provider we offer almost everything and more the casinos used to offer. Live dealer, regular casino, mobile casino and almost every type of sport besides cockroach racing. 

Except the drinks and bad buffets are not included.