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CBB lines and surprise contenders

January has been the longest January in the history of CBB.

Well not literally, but it has been a tough year for every team in the league. Only two teams have 1 loss, Virginia and Villanova across all conferences. What this means is that it is a more evenly matched set this year and that also means better competition. These types of years are a book makers dream, the spreads become useful again. Instead of the monster blow outs, you get close matches won or lost by half points on the spreads and favorites become less heavily sided. Great news for you.

We will be offering a host of College basketball live wagering this year. We will also be running a promo that will save you the money you are looking to save, while making the money you are looking to make. In the future, most action will come from live action, so if you are not on the ball and haven’t turned it on for you players yet, you probably should.

I know I post articles about different reasons to offer everything to your players. Yearly win/loss numbers are directly related to players playing. Do not limit the options of expanse, you may have a sick live casino player who wagers $20 measly dollars on sports, but loves black jack and is terrible at it.

You may also have someone who thinks they are a hedge master and wants to balance the bets he pregame wagered. Either way, without knowing your players and knowing the level of gambler they are, you may be missing out on money.

Call us for more info and if you have any questions are experienced staff can get you set up.

Finish the high season out strong, March madness is just around the corner