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How technology has changed the industry.

I know a guy, who knows a guy. This was the common conversation for someone who wanted to lay action on a sporting event in a shady bar or shady track. 

Or, lets drive to the nearest casino to play some cards, or to your buddies house at that garage poker game.

Within the last two decade the popularity for in home, online gaming has increased so much that entire teams, companies and developers have tried to capitalize on the growth.

The largest boom for constant play then came with smart phones and apps that allow for gamblers to play in route to work, school, and home. Waiting at the dentist? Play some poker. Waiting in traffic? Check the lines on your favorite team. This effect has granted for an opportunity that many of our customers have taken advantage of.

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The next big thing that we offer is live lines on sports.

Constantly updating and changing with the game. We offer 900 events monthly. Our software, which is #1 rated by players throughout the industry, will give you another angle to increase player volume and action. At the end of the day you want every player who has an account risking something, because without the option for risk there is no option for profit.

If you haven’t already had your players ask for live wagering, they will. It is only a matter of time before every competitor offers it.