Football Live Wagering News

Increase the volume. Not just on the tv.

Keep them on the site, in the game and increase the volume. The live wagering platform can offer the ultimate edge as a book. 

We saw a spike of 20% in live wagering after games had started across the board. Sometimes, the players just need to think they have an edge. the coin is still 50/50 on wagering, however with live, the juice is normally 20 cents higher on any favorite. As a book this actually puts you on the forever winning side of high juice.

Lets say for example your players get up on a small run. The return on live wagering comes 10-20% faster than standard wagering due to the juice.

Now, lets talk hold percentage and headcount. If your volume is 100k on a weekend and you have a decent set of  players you are expected to have a hold of around 5k of that money after all is said and done. That number is on standard 110 juice. 5k is being a little gracious, but hey, easy numbers. On average the hold on live wagering extends your cut too 8k.

Remain competitive, offer the best products. 

The biggest benefit is the truly constant and updating line. Sharps cannot study the line, they can only weigh probability for a very short period.