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NBA confrence finals are coming

San Antonio is all that stands in the way of Golden St for a finals repeat.

Golden state has had a similar route to through the playoffs as Cleveland. Sweeps, sweeps everywhere. however, this was the same situation as last year. That being said, Golden state has a serious set with the Spurs to look at. The Spurs pose a real threat to the Warriors even if they may shrug off the aging team.

Washington saved themselves from elimination with a late 3 from John Wall. The Boston Celtics believed they had the Wizards beat, but the Wizards managed to hold them off for a game seven. Odds have been placed at Boston -5 and the line is expected to go up.

In between this, the entire media has been feeding Lebron’s ego, comparing him to Jordan as the greatest NBA player of all time. Will the focus continue? we will see.

Make sure your limits are right, and your live wagering is enabled.