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NBA live wagering

It is finally back!

“I am an avid NBA fan. As a gambler the indoor courts and professional stats make the NBA the most fun to wager on. I not a sharpy by no means and having the in game wagering available is something I love” – playerX

As our industry evolves the in game wagering has become a need for the agent. We offer the most complete true live wagering offerings of any pay per head company. We have every single NBA game available 6 out of 7 days a week. We also offer some of the most complete control available for live wagering as the agent. If you want to offer just two markets for example like NBA and NFL, in our agent interface you can shut down everything else and the thousands of live games will be removed only showing the desired set.

The live wagering will only further increase as a market for you to make money. Pregame wagering will always have its place for the grinders and sharper players, but for the entertainment of gambling live is where it’s currently at.

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