• 10% on weekly net losses.
  • Enable the Casino under player management, edit player and check the RNG casino on/off toggle.
  • 500 max daily and weekly win/loss is the default.
  • 5000 max weekly is the company limit without a percent coverage deposit.
  • Reporting for the casinos is third party so any player issues or requests for review please allow 24 to 48 hours.

With the demand for digital casino ever increasing throughout the gaming market we as a company have now added a full slate of new RNG games from several of the best creators on the market.


This is not your standard pay per head free digital casino. The low 10% cost on weekly net losses gives your players access to up to 250 new slot games, 20 different tables games, video poker and roulette. The max limits per weekly loss will be 5k, but the starting limits are much lower at 500 weekly and daily. Please ask CS if you would like to increase or decrease on the platform.


You currently have the right to enable and disable the casino under player management. Once enabled the limits can be adjusted by contacting CS. Every game in the casino is mobile friendly, giving your players a whole new experience and excellent quality that is the best in this industry.