Keeping it Real Live Wagering

Super bowl LII

New England and Philly it is.

Another year and another chance for New England to win another super bowl. I am sure that this was a surprise to someone, but to me, it is not. Over the years I have watched the NFL and the Eastern conference and I realize that without the East coast fans the NFL would be in a major problem. Ratings drops due to kneeling during anthem and disagreements with social justice caused a rift that the NFL commissioner was not prepared for. Who better to restore faith in the NFL and the American people than the “Patriots” again.

Regardless of who your team is, the wagers will be coming in. The wins and losses will happen and this year be sure to have the edge. Our new reporting and products are top notch, our live wagering will have every possible prop offered in game.

If you still aren’t offering the live wagering to your players, you will soon find that next year, that player may have moved to another book that does. From our company standpoint, we have seen a 10 percent growth in live action each year since it became a stable platform. Old players, new players, young players all seem to enjoy the live wagering once it is available. From the agents standpoint it makes nothing but sense and money.

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