Club Poker is designed to allow you to run your own poker networks in our sites.

For this initial phase of launch, the Poker will offer private clubs for players within your hierarchy.

When Poker is enabled for your sub agents, they will each have a club created. Any players under that agent will automatically join their respective club.

From within the club, you will be able to create tables to fit your specific requirements in No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha.

You will be able to determine settings such as action time, small and big blinds, minimum and maximum buy in, rake percentage, and table duration.

If you have several sub agents and therefore several clubs, these can be joined so they have shared visibility. This means that players from different branches of your hierarchy will then be able to play with each other.

For us to join the clubs you will have to provide us with a sub agent that you want to determine as the master club. This will be the club where you can create shared tables; any other clubs can still create their tables but these will not be shared.

Poker works with a trickle-down funding schematic, meaning that you as a Master Agent, will have a net amount to assign to your agents and players.

You will also have access to The Poker Business Center, which is the main management tool for the Masters and Sub-masters:

 With this toll you will be able to:

 Control funds available to agents/players for distribution on poker. 

 Change revenue splits within agents.

 Run reports for Poker activity.

We have a lot of different improvements we want to apply after the launch, such as poker tournaments and others; however we do not have a date established for the full launch of this product at the moment.