Offer wagering on all international sports leagues, not just the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. You can gain action from more than 80 sports leagues, including all the major soccer leagues:  English Premier League, La Liga, the Champions League, and Italian Serie A.

 As well as one-on-one sporting events such as golf, boxing, tennis, mixed martial arts, and more. 

You can also offer betting on horses, big cricket events, and rugby matches, and everything in between, including eSports ,like the League of Legends Korea Spring Championships and the Dota 2 International.

eSports are competitive electronic gaming sports; in other words, competitive video games. As eSports becomes more popular globally, sports bettors have found it to be a unique and exciting thing to gamble on. During the last decade, professional players and teams have begun to emerge, which has created official rules and regulations, tournaments, and even playoffs. Naturally, gamblers have followed, seeing the potential to make big money on fun and exciting matchups.