Via HD live streaming players can bet, chat, and interact with professional dealers, where the experience emulates that of a land-based casino right down to the finest detail. With a wide selection of world-class Live Online Casino games, players can play many varieties of Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and Live Baccarat from the comfort of their desktop or mobile device. 

All the game interfaces are built in HTML5 and are accessible via any browser in practically every region of the world.

ViG pit bosses continuously cruise the studio to make sure everything functions properly and will promptly get involved in case of potential issues. You’ll frequently see their answers in the live chat window.

The Casino Features full screen HD video with several unique features. Choose Ahead functionality allows participants to make a decision as soon as cards are dealt, which helps speed up the game.

  • Phenomenal new UI/UX for mobile, especially in portrait mode for phones.
    Ultra-low latency HD video.
  • Cards are dealt as they are in Macau and many VIP Baccarat rooms in Vegas and not in ‘Punto Banco’ style. The first two Player Cards are revealed at the same time, followed by the first two Banker Cards. This style delivers the ‘drama’ that experienced Baccarat players seek.
  • The pace of the game has been optimized to offer plenty of time to place bets and to maximize the drama as the cards are revealed.
  • There are additional side bets including Perfect Pair (25:1) and Big and Small.
    The Big Road is available on screen all the time, unless the user chooses to suppress it.
  • Enhanced winning animations.
  • Real time display of current % wagers on Player/Tie/Banker.

Live Blackjack:

The live dealer blackjack game features 7 seats at a table, providing a Vegas-like casino experience for players. Choose Ahead options to allow players to speed up gameplay, while Back Betting opportunities are provided if tables are full. Pairs and Rummy side-bets form an important part of our blackjack offerings, and tip bets are also permitted.

Blackjack rules

Though based on a standard package of rules, the live dealer utilizes some minor rule variations. The basic rules are:

  • dealer stands on hard 17 but must hit on soft 17
  • the card shoe has six decks shuffled manually
  • blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • any tied hand results in a push
  • insurance is offered on dealer’s ace and pays 2 to 1
  • player may only split once
  • Doubling down after split is allowed, except for split aces.

A player’s failure to respond within the betting time will cause that player’s hand being completed in accordance with the basic strategy that is the software will make the decision which is the most optimal in that given situation. In many other live dealer games, the non-responding player is considered to have chosen to stand pat.

Side bets

In this live blackjack, there are two side bets that may be placed complementary to a normal stake:

  • Pairs. This side bet pays out 11 to 1 if the first two cards on the Player’s hand constitute a pair of any suit and color
  • Rummy. This side bet involves the dealer’s face-up card and wins if the player’s two cards plus that dealer’s card have the same suit or rank, or go in a numerical sequence (Jack + Queen + King). A Rummy win pays 9 to 1.

Other features

  • Back Betting, also known as Bet Behind feature, enables all users, whether seated or not, to place a bet on other player’s hands and share the outcome of that player’s hand
  • a dealer tipping slot
  • a chat box for contacting the dealer
  • House rules are provided.

American Roulette:

This live dealer game also contains HD picture-in-picture video streams, and there is an in-depth and rich game history window for players who like to keep tabs on the stats.

European Roulette:

Both games feature video feed positioned on top, which once the wheel starts spinning splits into two to allow a closer view of the bouncing ball. Hot and Cold numbers are displayed on the right, along with buttons for accessing game rules and betting limits. Computer-generated image of the betting table is, as usually, available at the lower half of the screen. This is also where you’ll find a slot for placing tips, in case you want to thank the dealer for their service.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is one of the most exclusive and thrilling games available in casinos around the world and is especially popular with VIP Players and Asian gamblers. Live Baccarat is a classic baccarat variant with five side bets, switchable scoreboards and fast gameplay. The baccarat tables are offered in a variety of bet limits, both for low-rollers, high-rollers and everyone in-between.

VIGs Live Baccarat features large HD video and multiple camera angels via picture-in-picture creating a visually appealing and cinematic experience unlike anything else online. Furthermore, our Live Dealer provider uses the same standard-sized playing cards as used in land-based casinos throughout Macau, which is vitally important to the trustworthiness of the game.

Baccarat rules and side bets

A user can place a bet on the Player, Banker and Tie. All main bets have standard payouts: the winning Player and Banker hands award even money, reduced by a 5-percent commission on the Banker hand. Tie bets are paid 8 to 1. The third-card rules applied in the game keep in line with the classic baccarat rules and are available in the How To Play section.

Along with the three main bets, players are eligible to make any of the following side bets, the outcome of which is independent of whether you have win or lost the main bet:

  • Player/Banker Pair. You place the wager on that the Player or Banker hand would constitute a pair of the same-rank cards, no matter their suit and color
  • Either Pair. The same as above but this bet wins if either hand forms a pair
  • Player/Banker Dragon. The side bet pays if the Player or Banker hand wins by four points or higher. The larger the score gap, the higher the payouts. If, for example, the Player hand scores 8 and the Banker hand gets 3 points, the Player bet receives a payout of 2 to 1, since the difference between the winning and losing hands is five points. The maximum award of 30 times the original side bet is for a win by 9.

Baccarat roadmaps

The game uses four hideable scoreboards for displaying the results in the current shoe; these are Big Road, Big Eye Road, Cockroach Road and Small Road. Only one scoreboard is shown at a time and a user can switch to another road in a relevant drop-down menu. There is also the Quick Stats panel indicating the number of Player, Banker and Tie wins in the currently used shoe.

Other features

  • dealer tipping slot
  • Live baccarat rules are available by clicking a respective button on the game screen.

Super 6

-Perfect Pairs, Super 6 and Dragon Bonus Side Bets
-Four Tracing Indicators and Easily Accessible Quick Stats Section
-Three Side Wagers 
-Choose Between Three Table Limits with $5,000 Maximum
-Bet Camera Angles Change Automatically to Improve Gaming Experience