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Apple pay cash

As technology progresses, the transfer of money becomes easier.

A new branch of apple considered equal to Venmo and Paypal is now being used in the new IOS 11.2 beta users. This new transfer method will be usable for anyone within your personal network on the apple software. It will have similar limitations as facetime with apple products, but it is a serious competitor for the current person to person transactions available on the market.

This limitation of network only transfers may be something that apple looks at canceling out in the future to start taking market share in person to person transactions. A new 300 billion bonds sale for apple has commenced along side with the beta testing.

The question I constantly ask myself about companies like apple is: Why don’t they initiate a program for users similar to banking? They have the entirety of your information already, and the next step would be to hold physical bonds with transfer capabilities between parties and platforms. In other words Icoin or Igold.

An idea like this would further solidify the difference in Android users vs. Mac users and also establish a further loyalty. The only speed bump would currently be working a tax deal with the US government, which I am sure the feds are already looking at because of the bitcoin craze in the first place.

This is good news for our industry as major companies step up there game on person to person transactions.