In the day and age of crypto transactions and tech we have a new way for your players to pay you and deposit directly.

The agent payment solution or APS is your entry to hands free processing and what it offers is access to all major credit cards. What this means, if any player is out of normal reach and/or does not want to meet with cash any longer, you the agent can collect that money without lifting more than a finger to approve on your smart phone.

Call our CS and answer a few questions to set up the new product. You will need a new password and code to ensure that it is you approving payouts and deposits, and it will also ensure you credit player accounts accordingly.

Tracking payments is easy and the pending process will allow you to decide where to put the money. It can be used to pay a previous balance or credited directly to the players account. The funds can also be directed toward your billing balance, layoff or whatever other player you may need to pay. The tool gives you full control. All viable payment methods are available to you.

Some of the major perks of switching to this method of collections are:

  1. Agent can take payments from players anywhere/anytime.
  2. Agent can limit losses with instant payments for credit increases.
  3. Agent can get paid through BTC or other methods.
  4. Increases security by eliminating constant player/agent meetings.

We as a company are working our hardest to build a fully stand alone set of tools and option to book however you please.

Call us, get in the now!