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E-sports gambling facing more scrutiny.

Starting with South Australia and now Britain, the local government has decided to outlaw the gambling on computer and game console related tournaments.

A few of the obvious reasons are lack of regulations. Who is to say that fixing the events couldn’t easily happen. When a new sporting event or team emerges they are usually working for extremely small amounts of money. If I were a gambler with dough, I would approach them and double what they are supposed to win in these little tournaments and have them throw the game. As long as book offers a line on it you could beat them bad in this starting time. The major sports arenas have several checks in place. However,  not E-sports which been called the, “wild west of gambling,” very little regulation exists.

Remember when your parents used to tell you video games would never pay the bills? They lied. Many of the, “vidiots” now make real money doing just that.

For the future, I am sure that Vegas and other arenas will have to include new regulations to help with tournament tampering, but for the time being large scale events are still underway in the US, UK and Asia.

The growth of these events has raised new flag in the AML, which is the Anti Money laundering clause in the UK.