Esports coming in hot

It is the end of 2018 after all.

There is an emerging market right now that is growing faster than any other pregame and in game wagering market. That market is Esports. The youth has found a love for video games that previous generations have yet to find. The market is still a little young literally most of the kids aren’t even old enough to purchase a pack of cigarettes, but the tech use, understanding of gambling and favorite athletes is all present.

I will be not be the first to say it, but by the year 2020 Esports will hold 15% of all gambling action and by 2022 it will hold up to 30%. The NBA, NFL and CFB markets don’t have that much concern as they are entertaining to watch, but the MLB, NHL and soccer may find a dip in total wager volume over the coming years.

Specific Esports games like COD blackout, CS:GO and Fortnite have all proven to be non stop action during the matches. The arena is so new that efficient spectator client and production have yet to catch up.

In game wagering is the future and Esports caters directly to this. Several companies have already set the wheels in motion to offer in game lines. The biggest allure to the Esports market for an older book is new clients, fresh blood in the betting arena makes our industry thrive.

We will be the first PPH to offer in game Esports.