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Gaming Apps and google play

Looking toward the future of secure gaming. 

The app industry has had a major boom in every direction whether it be in banking, shopping or public transit. One of the few markets that most app holding servers (when I say most I mean apple and play store) are wary on is gaming. Most gaming apps are fictitious style slot machines or card games that never yield real money account.

In a new push Google play store may open its regulations in the UK, France and the Irish republic. It would plant the very seed that every major online sports book or betting firms have been waiting for.

Currently all our industry models are based on accessible websites with SSL and other security measures that are subject to basic html coding and dynamic function. This creates a limit to have “heavy” a site can get. (heavy translates to the amount of data a site needs to function correctly.)  The reason an app is so different on the gaming front up to 80% of coding is stored to the phone or device being used and the other 20% can be updated upon login. This creates a faster, more user rich environment for gaming software. Color schemes and customized profiles can also be created with user chat interfaces integrated directly, similar to Facebook messenger or Whatsapp. It changes the marketing, collection and redeposit game when you can send reminders to where your player would be playing.

For our industry this poses a major bonus for reporting, accounting and the player user interface. Not only would we be able to revamp and push a better product, but it would give us the ability to help you the agent become a true “custom” app building book.

If they allow it, it will be interesting to see what regulation hiccups Google imposes.