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Hot streaks and Sharp players.

This time of year several of the football teams have shown their true colors.

The Third week of NFL will surely hold some significant shifts in point spreads. Keep an eye on the players who are wagering on 1st and 2nd halves. Watch the exposure and limits on parley wagers.

Saturday CFB saw an average hold 8% higher than recorded CFB Saturdays this time of year across the board. Upsets and late breaks caused for some easy wins on the book side. Live wagering was no different, high juice favorites dropping like flies, adding to the profit margin.

Lines makers have their work cut out for them this week with several major changes too positions, injuries and ratings. If you have a player in question always feel free to reach out and ask for a sharp check.

We gladly provide service to those agents who have players who just don’t seem to pick a bad line. Our data base holds some of the sharpest syndicates and we cross reference those games and line changes with your requests.

Know for sure if he is playing steam or just lucky.