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IOTA crypto currency the next boom?

As many people have taken to the cryptocurrency market, so have several new “investment” block chains.

Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash are a result of a functioning platform and have some merit, but what is IOTA? IOTA is a new data transfer method that has just partnered with Microsoft, Samsung and other major firms in order to better transfer recorded marketing data and other useful data accumulation. IOTA is set to become a new serious contender in the cryptocurrency game because of one crucial thing, they are creating a useful and real market for their technology. As the Internet-of-Things keep expanding, the need for interoperability and sharing of resources become a necessity. IOTA enables companies to explore new business-2-business models by making every technological resource a potential service to be traded in real time, with no fees.

The Idea is based on sharing data logs, performances and other company info that can be sold or traded as currency. Data collection has always produced a viable business model, however with today’s market someone has yet to actually use a secure, scaleable and quantifiable method to show internet value.

IOTA, Eth Classic and BTC are poised to make the next big swing in trade market value.

It has spiked the attention of some of the Cryptovester (crypto investors) recently and has shown a 300% increase in share value. For our industry is has yet to take useful interest as a transfer method, but if the value continues to increase and stabilize I am sure it will be another secure avenue for money transfer.

Bitcoin hit 15k this week, which only means something if you bought in last week and are going to sell this week.