Jersey Federal court rejects legalizing of sports gambling.

A 10-2 vote against the allowance of sports betting in Jersey. The new vote Tuesday will most likely set the record finally that it will be illegal to wager on sports for the near and distant future. 

“We acknowledge the 2014 (New Jersey) law’s salutary purpose in attempting to legalize sports gambling to revive its troubled casino and racetrack industries,” –  Circuit Judge Marjorie Rendell.

That being said this will not change the fact that gambling is still illegal in Jersey. It will also not change the fact that several bookies still run a successful industry on the side due to the lack of offerings in casinos and racetracks.

On a side note. This hasn’t slowed the partnership with Fantasy sports sites. Many major sports teams and owners have joined forces with the deemed “legal” form of gambling DFS.

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