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McGregor vs. Diaz

UFC 219 is set to be a trilogy. 

This will be the third time these fighters have faced off and McGregor is coming to defend his LW title. Diaz is schedule to drop to 155lbs.

This fight has been looming as the biggest paycheck in MMA yet for Diaz. Diaz was holding on for big money before he signed the contract to enter the match. His manager claimed, “Diaz deserves 30 million to enter the ring.” Numbers have not come out on actual paycheck amount; however, the money will be on both sides of the fight. McGregor doesn’t fight for free.

Be sure to check you match up limits before the fight goes down. The fights for UFC 219 are on December 30th 2017 in Vegas. This will be a very busy weekend for the books already. Don’t get caught with your gloves off because you are paying attention to the football only.

In the meantime check out the live wagering, only  $1 until November 5th for member not on premium.