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MLB, NBA and management

Booking the MLB can be a frustrating time, and this year we also have the world cup coming.

Large favorites with nothing but money lines always make me nervous. The -200 and higher MLB games, the -500 soccer games.. even tennis matches get locked up with some heavy favorite rankings. We offer a full range of control on these offerings.

Keep yourself protected and learn how your players work, use the wagers notifications tool, set the limits and line types, and soon we will have a fully built schedule limits tool which will allow you to circle games until the day of. Our service and software gives you full control.

On top of full control, we offer layoff. If you need a place to lay any action off or even use as your own book, we offer all the same features to you the agent as the player.

If you lose players after football, try enabling the Live Casino. We have a new pricing structure available that can save and make you a ton of money when the interest games disappear.

We are your one stop shop for all your booking needs.