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NBA trades, NFL moves and Fan tears

The Golden St. Warriors have taken much of the blame for super stars wanting to trade to super teams. 

This may be true for our generation of basketball players, however, the truth is if you want to get a ring in this competitive arena now, you will need a deep team to get there. Golden St. may be the deepest bench in the history of the NBA. Cleveland may have been the strongest starting 5 in our recent history, but 5 isn’t enough where as before the big 3 were.

Kyrie Irving has stated he wants to trade from Cleveland. At his level and at this time in his career he needs to find a route to a ring. To soon to tell exactly where he will end up, but this week is supposed to be the deciding factor.

That is just the beginning of what could transpire in this years off season in the NBA. The NFL on the other hand has proven to be a chop shop market for years. Teams are now so greedy for more fan support they are jumping ship to new towns, in promise for more budget to achieve better players. The Chargers, the Rams and the Raiders have all declared their desire to find glory.

The fans at heart are always looking for winning teams, Oakland and San Diego are left with only the A’s and the Padres. Not good. What this boils down too, if Cleveland loses Kyrie, will Lebron leave too? If San Diego can lose the Chargers, could Tampa Bay lose the buccaneers?

Is the NCAA better to watch solely because the talent isn’t bought off by billionaires? Ratings will be a telling story this year on the NFL side. Most millennials cannot sit long enough to watch a whole game, let alone sit through the ridiculous amount of penalty commercials, time outs, and official breaks.

In speculation on all of these front, the NFL and NBA may need to look at player ratings and team ratings to control the level of lopsided TV that is happening.  Loyalty is something that cannot be taught, it is earned.