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NHL Hires new Vegas watch dog for gambling.

We all know that hockey is ranked 4th in the gambling arena,

but as time goes the sport has grown in popularity. With the expansion to a new Vegas team possibly called the “Desert Knights” a problem that is already within the league will needed to be addressed.

Compared to the 1.4 and 1.8 billion wagered on NBA and NFL hockey only attracted 336 million in 2015. The problem I have mentioned in other articles for small salary and wage markets, “fixing” games is less costly than major events. When you open a new market too bettors in the heart of betting you can see the fear and precaution that may be needed.

Sportradar, which already monitors the NFL gambling and is in the process of a new NBA deal will be the watch dog for the NHL. For the time being they will be extremely focused on the new Vegas market to make sure it doesn’t get “mobby”. (Philly and NY already have suspected hockey integrity problems)

“You would be surprised how far this cancer is already in sport,” Andreas Krannich Sportsradars Integrity director.

If the Raiders Move to Vegas this next season, Vegas will become a major sports destination outside of just the gambling front and flashing lights.