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Raiders find the spot.


The spot in Vegas has been selected and Nevada has agreed to terms. The 1.9 billion dollar stadium is inches from being started.

The Nevada committee has approved a $750 million public funding plan for a potential NFL stadium to be constructed in Las Vegas. This brings the move even closer too a reality.

This has not gone lightly in the industry, bringing about much criticism as this will be the largest public donation toward an NFL stadium to date.

The interest the Raiders franchise has in Las Vegas is the same as why the LA Rams moved. It is a large market that does not have an NFL team.

For the people of Vegas I am sure this will be a welcomed situation. It will add several thousand jobs annually that are non casino related, and add a newly constructed stadium to the strip for attractions.

As much as UNLV has come a long way, rooting for a small college team is nothing like having your own NFL team in house.

Several skeptics believe it will further infect the industry and NFL with gambling problems, but the team needs a new home and this offer is hard to pass.