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Team Moves and sad fans

The San Diego Chargers are already in the process of moving to LA. 

The Oakland Raiders are officially in the process of relocating to Vegas.

The Dallas Cowboys have officially disappointed everyone once again. The NFL season has proven to have a dramatic negative impact on ratings due to the level of commercials, weakening hard hits and NFL rules.

I have read several articles on what the NFL plans to do to boost ratings. I know most of us are just sitting on the sidelines watching this playoff season pan out, however there is real concern that Thursday NFL will be gone for next year.

If they remove Thursday NFL it will have a direct impact on our weekly action in the industry. Not something I support.

We will see if the Raiders, Chargers and Rams can build a home in their new locations. I also hope that with the move to Vegas the Raiders finally get a field they deserve. Either way, the sport is suffering from a very deep gash from greed.